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Happy Detox Retreat
Healing | Transformation | Women Empowerment

Exclusive Once A Year 7-Nights / 7 Days Happy Detox Retreat To
Transform You On The Mental, Emotional and Physical Level

March 06-13 , 2021 | Ubud, Bali

Are you ready to heal yourself from all mental, emotional and physical baggage? Are you ready to step into your highest version of yourself, have lot of fun and connect with beautiful women all around the globe to heal in sacred sisterhood?

The Happy Detox Retreat is for YOU if you...

  • want to learn all the tools to completely heal yourself on all levels: mentally, emotionally & physically
  • want to learn all my detox secrets and spiritual practices in a safe space of sacred sisterhood
  • want to get healthy & toned through eating delicious vegan food, doing daily yoga, meditation and ecstatic dance
  • experience the magic of Bali while visiting the best cafes, rice field terraces, sacred places and waterfalls
  • make lifelong friends and get love and support by highly conscious women - long after the retreat is over
  • participate in very powerful fire & water ceremonies by the best Balinese priests
  • want to connect with me personally in a very private setting and ask any question you might have
  • experience a week of laughter, joy, deep human connection and so much more...

Why is this retreat unique?

  • Happy Detox Retreats are held only once per year in Bali with a limited amount of spots - so if you feel the calling - act upon it now
  • This retreat is for highly conscious and brave women who come here in order to heal themselves and strive to become their own healers
  • The amount of knowledge you will accumulate during the Happy Detox Retreat will be massive - and will stick with you for a lifetime
  • All ceremonies are highly powerful and correct any energetic imbalances that you might have within your subtle energy bodies - so be prepared for purge, release and deep healing
  • The sacred space we will create through the physical place itself and the women circle will help you feel safe to open up and heal
  • All participants will get FREE lifetime access to the Happy Detox GOLD Program prior arrival (Worth €599)

What's included?

  1. Accomodation for 7 nights / 7 days in a luxurious boutique hotel (our own building in our Garden Eden)
  2. Delicious vegan or vegetarian meals three times per day
  3. Cooking class for lunch to teach you how to do quick, easy and yummy vegan recipes once you're back at home
  4. Airport pickup shuttle and private driver during the retreat
  5. Two powerful workshops held by Kat and the possibility to ask any personal question in a safe and private setting
  6. Two powerful Balinese ceremonies - private fire ceremony with a Balinese priest & holy water ceremony at the Tirta Empul temple
  7. Daily yoga and movement classes
  8. Daily meditations and rituals to start the day in a heightened state of awareness
  9. Entry to the glorious Ecstatic Dance at Yoga Barn
  10. Adventure trips to the most beautiful waterfalls, sacred temples and places in Ubud
  11. Photo shoots at the Tegalalang rice field terraces
  12. After retreat content like aftermovie and pictures to capture your favourite moments forever
  13. Opening women's circle and closing cacao ceremony
  14. Bonus 1: Free Lifetime Access to the Happy Detox Gold Program
  15. Bonus 2: Free 60 minute Balinese full body massage

Workshops & Ceremonies

Master Classes

Unlock your potential and level up your life with Katharina's
signature workshops and healing teachings

Katharina' s Signature Letting Go Workshop

This transformational workshop will change your life. In only few hours you will uncover what has been holding you back and get a completely new outlook on your life and souls mission. Grow your self awareness and discover the roots of your mental, emotional and physical blockages.

Learn how to heal and transform them into higher vibrations and finally let them go in the powerful Balinese Agni Fire Ceremony later that night.

Happy Detox Toolbox Workshop

Come to Bali for one week and leave with a lifelong toolbox and powerful skills. Learn all Happy Detox tools in order to detox yourself into your highest and best version. Learn what it takes to become and stay your highest version and how to finally love yourself, no matter how negative your past programming has been.

Eventually, you will learn how to become your own healer and master alchemist for the rest of your life.

Sacred Connection Opening Ceremony

This intimate ceremony right at the first evening is designed to connect with all other women at the retreat. We will create a safe space to open up and share our story in order to heal whatever is holding us down collectively during the retreat.

Deep connection is healing and once you understand that you are not alone with your struggles, it gets so much easier to overcome them.


Unlock your potential and level up your life with Katharina's
signature workshops and healing teachings

Sacred Connection Opening Ceremony

This intimate ceremony right at the first evening is designed to connect with all other women at the retreat. We will create a safe space to open up and share our story in order to heal whatever is holding us down collectively during the retreat.

Deep connection is healing and once you understand that you are not alone with your struggles, it gets so much easier to overcome them.

Balinese Agni Fire Ceremony

A super powerful private fire ceremony with a well-respected Balinese High Priest in which you release all negative beliefs, emotions and traumas that have been holding you back from being your best self.

Held in an intimate space, you will feel the effects of this powerful ceremony not only within your physical body but energetically too. The relief you will feel is simply incredible!

Holy Temple Water Ceremony

After the fire ceremony it's time to cleanse all the remaining stuck energies and the Tirta Empul Temple is simply perfect in order to do this. This temple is highly valued by Balinese people as it has holy spring water that not only cleanses your physical body but especially all energy bodies.

You will feel a huge shift after the ceremony which will indicate the incredible transformation you have went through!

Closing Cacao Manifestation Ceremony

Imagine a dream dinner setting with fairy lights, crystals, flowers, candles, oracle cards and the most delicious warm cacao you can imagine. The closing cacao ceremony will be the perfect ending to the perfect week in which you will reflect on all that you have learned and create your new, best version.

During the ceremony you will be guided through a manifestation meditation and intention setting for your new life after the Happy Detox Retreat. We normally end the ceremony with ecstatic dance and jumping into the huge pool while celebrating our new selves!

Happy Detox Sample Day

60 mins. yoga class to kickstart the day
30 mins. meditation practice to clear your mind and increase your vibration for the day
Delicious vegan breakfast with as many fruits, fresh juices and high vibrational yummy foods as you desire
Workshop with Katharina in which you will learn all tools to heal yourself holistically
Optional cooking class with our vegan chef cook and having healthy lunch together
Afternoon break in order to swim, rest, relax in the sun, connect to all other beautiful women, journal, go shopping or enjoy nature
Fire ceremony with a well respected Balinese Priest to let go of all things that don't serve you anymore
All you can eat vegan, vegetarian dinner buffet & after dinner tea with vegan chocolate treats
Intergate and connect in our sacred women circle to reflect upon the day and share the upgrades happening within you

Our Garden of Eden in Ubud, Bali


Meet your Detox Expert: Katharina

Katharina is a Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Certified Detox Expert. Her signature program combines the newest and most powerful detox methods with unique spiritual knowledge.

The Happy Detox Program teaches a holistic and sustainable lifestyle that shows you how to detox your body from all mental, emotional and physical blockages and how to get aligned with your higher self.

Katharina dedicated her life helping conscious women reach their fullest potential while spreading her unique knowledge via Youtube, coachings, workshops, published articles, retreats and her Happy Detox Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, payment plans are available. You can pay the deposit of 900€ to secure your spot (non-refundable) and then divide the remaining payments into 5 parts, equally divided by month until the time of the retreat. Or you can transfer the whole amount to secure your spot and save 100€ for both options. You can pay via credit card or bank transfer. Please note: any deposit on payment plans are non-refundable and can only be used as credits for future retreats.

Of course you can! If you have a roommate you’d like to share your room with, be sure to clearly indicate that when you register for your retreat. In all other cases, I do my best to match like personalities through astrology, human design and inner guidance to ensure you get the best experience.

All rooms are beautifully and uniquely designed with natural materials and have a very comfortable, large bed (Either twin single beds for Twin Room or one large bed for the Master Suites). The Eden Estate is one of Ubuds most recognized Art Boutique Hotels. In short, you will love it!

Yes the whole estate offers Free Wifi. However, I highly recommend doing a digital detox during the retreat in order to reap most benefits.

Of course, we will make sure to cater the food to your specific needs so you don´t have to worry about that. Just make your notes on the registration sheet and let me know everything I need to know.

As a tourist you can stay in Bali for 30 days without a special visa. If you want to stay longer, I highly advise to get a visa-on-arrival at the airport. However, you DO need a valid passport that is more than a year away from expiration to be on the safe side.

No immunization shots are required for this retreat.

I recommend to allow for 2 hours at the airport before your departure time. Since traffic is quite heavy in Ubud, it is best to schedule 1/1/2 hours of drive to the airport. It is best to check-in after 2pm for a window of 3-4 hours. Please make sure to not miss the Opening women circle on the first day 🙂

If you would like to get the most out of your flights and enjoy more days on the island, go for it! I highly recommend staying a bit longer and fully integrate what you have learned during the retreat. Please note that after the retreat is over, you will be responsible for all extra arrangements. The retreat center will not be able to host you for extra days unless planned ahead or if they have another retreat coming in after our group. Airport shuttle services will be available for you for the start and end dates of the retreat. After that, the hotel or retreat center can happily assist you in getting a taxi. Please bring extra cash for taxis if you plan to be extending your stay or spending time outside of the group.

You only need to book your flight – the rest is taken care of. The only exception is if you wish to buy souvenirs or do some private shopping, those expenses will not be covered and in this case you can exchange money easily in the city center.

We will provide shuttle service to and from the airport and have a dedicated private driver for all adventures and trips. I recommend getting a scooter if you’d like to explore more of the island but it is not a necessity. If you choose to extend your stay, then you may want to consider renting a scooter as you will get along easier with it than with a car. Please note that we will only be able to offer airport shuttles on our set start and end dates.

A minimum of 14 people is required. Maximum 24 people, however, it will be most likely somewhere in the middle 🙂 We will have our own private building at the Eden Estate and it is large enough to cater to everyones needs.