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    About Katharina

    Katharina is a Healer, Spiritual Teacher & Certified Detox Expert . Her signature program combines the newest and most powerful detox methods with unique spiritual knowledge.

    The Happy Detox Program teaches a holistic and sustainable lifestyle that shows you how to detox your body from all mental, emotional and physical blockages and how to get aligned with your higher self.

    Katharina dedicated her life helping successful women reach their fullest potential while spreading her unique knowledge via Youtube, coachings, workshops, published articles, retreats and her Happy Detox Program.


    The Happy Detox Program

    The only program that combines the most effective detox methods with unique spiritual knowledge to help you reach your highest potential

    • Packed with 14 hrs of video content, workbooks, cookbook, webinars and a social community
    • 24/7 access on all devices
    • Real women – Real transformations – Real results

    The Happy Detox Program is for you if you:

    • Want to free yourself from all mental, emotional and physical baggage
    • Learn about the most effective detox methods and why they produce amazing results
    • Learn about the spiritual aspects of what it takes to become your highest version
    • Get a clean and lean body and keep it forever – no starving, no calorie restriction
    • Clear your skin, beat cravings and lose stubborn fat in a sustainable and healthy way
    • Start feeling clearer, happier and finally at peace with your body and soul

    Success Stories


    Happy Detox Retreat

    Healing | Transformation | Women Empowerment

    Exclusive Once A Year 7-Nights / 7 Days Happy Detox Retreat To

    Transform You On The Mental, Emotional and Physical Level

    March 06-13 , 2021 | Ubud, Bali

    What Clients say

    Katharina has helped me transform into a new, higher version of myself, guided me through this process and was always there for me to explain situations and symptoms, helped me release trapped emotions, fears and thought patterns that kept holding me back from living my divine purpose and finding my truth.
    I feel so much better, healthier and clear with myself and my body! She without doubt is a beautiful and wise goddess, a powerful healer and one of the greatest persons I ever met. Thank you so much. I love you, Kat! <3

    Mona, 27, Bali

    I have to admit that I never had some serious issues like binge eating or other things – but I thought that it would be nice to clean out my body from all the toxins and negative feelings, for a new and fresh start! Since starting the program I learned a lot about myself and my body – I think that I somehow developed a new connection to my body and for that I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!
    During the last moths there was also a big change in my body – in February I also started going regularly to the gym and doing yoga.
    I think that I only needed someone taking me by the hand and show me the right way to start a healthy lifestyle. I just want to encourage ALL women to invest in this program! Katharina has put all her heart & soul in this program and she really takes her time to help everyone! I think that by buying this program you do not invest in Katharina, BUT YOU INVEST IN YOURSELF! Big thanks to you Katharina! Your program changed my life! Please continue to share all the new things with us! Lots of love,
    Despina <3

    Despina, 29, Germany

    Wow, I had so many benefits from the Happy Detox Program! In a nutshell:
    The best thing: my face cleared up from all the acne and it looks a lot more bright. My bloated stomach is not bloated anymore. I learned all the methods I needed to know so I can control it. I used to get home from work and not be able to move from the couch. Now I have so much energy and I am not tired anymore.
    I learned to controll my appetite the healthy way.
    I learned which food I should better eat than others and it helpd me to lose weight without dieting.
    The round/puffy face went down and I discovered my cheekbones 🙂
    It helped me for the hair loss that I had for many years. The program helped me mentally to be more focused and relaxed with all the methods I learned from you. I upgraded my whole consciousness!
    Thank you so much for all your help!
    For sure I keep on doing all the methods I have learned as a way of living!
    Love you,

    Jenny, 30, Israel


    Access Katharina's Free Detox Masterclass

    Join thousands of subscribers and start your spiritual detox journey now!

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