Happy Detox Program

The Happy Detox Program is a proven, step-by-step system that shows you exactly how to detox your body, mind and emotions. You will learn to let go of what no longer is serving you so you can become your best version. It is the most knowledge packed online video program there is with workbooks, webinars, recipes and a supporting online community – Join Now!
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Why Happy Detox?

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Although I am very happy about my own progress, this page is not about me but about YOU and your results. Through my own struggles losing weight, I have come a very long way until I had all the puzzle pieces together to create the Happy Detox Program. It took me 15 years of constant effort until I finally arrived at my goal. I want to help you achieve the same results in way less time. Most importantly, I do not want you to struggle as much as me, because I know how powerless and discouraging it feels. Take the shortcut and save yourself from tears and disappointment with the Happy Detox Program. This is not another fad detox diet but an amazing lifestyle.

Although coming from a business background and working as a manager, health and detox have been my real passion. Now, I am a certified detox expert and have been helping many women to achieve long lasting and healthy weight loss results. The Happy Detox Program is a proven, step by step online video program that will provide you with all the detox knowledge you need in order to get lasting results. Your energy levels will increase dramatically, your skin will clear up. Bloating, binge eating and stubborn fat will go away with the proven detox methods of the Happy Detox Program. You will finally live up to your full potential – let me show you how .

Why Do The Happy Detox Program?

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✓ Detox your body, mind and emotions from everything that is not serving you
✓ Get a clean, lean body and keep it forever
✓ Start feeling more happy, clear and energized today
✓ Empower yourself and everyone around you without sacrificing your social life
✓ Clear out your skin, beat cravings and lose stubborn fat
✓ Finally feel at peace with your body and become your happiest, healthiest version



Success Stories

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Happy Detox Transformations

These amazing woman have all changed their lives following the Happy Detox Program

I battled with deep food and body anxiety as well as severe insomnia from the age of 6 to 27. Desperate doesn’t even describe my state before I found Katharina. With the combination of an inspiring background, genuine care and skilled coaching she was able to calm my restless soul in such a way that I started sleeping better after only 3 weeks. I went from thinking that my dream body was the key to happiness to learning how to make myself feel happy first and then get to my goal weight with amazing detox secrets and new exciting habits with her Happy Detox Program. Having her as my rock meant everything and changed the way I look at life. I contacted her to get a diet coach but ended up getting an angel that helped me improve literally all areas of my life! Carolina , 27 .
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I started the Happy Detox Guide because I gained weight since going off the pill and I simply was not able to lose it. Katharina helped me detox my body from all toxins, hormones and mucus. She teached me that a ratio of 80% healthy and 20% indulgent is more than enough in order to get my dream body. I changed my eating habits to clean eating and focused on “high vibration” foods in form of raw fruits & veggies. After a few detox systems in the beginning I felt a huge difference after two/three weeks. My energy levels went up, my skin cleared and my bloating went away. This program is life-changing if you stick to it! Katharina, I cannot thank you enough for putting this guide together! 1000 kisses xx Vanessa, 23 .
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Its incredible how much my life has changed since I´ve tried Katharina´s Happy Detox Guide. With the tools and methods provided, I was able to get rid of my bloating which made me look very puffy. Katharina delivered incredible knowledge on detox methods & tools and why it is so important for you. Thank you Katharina, you have given me the tools I need to change my life and get my dream body! I will keep on doing the program outside the 12 weeks! Thank you for inspiring me every day! Emma , 25
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Kat I really want to thank you from deep in my heart for your support and all the tips during my weightloss struggle! Because of you I can finally feel like myself again! Before I found you I was tired all the time, had no self confidence and insane cravings. I knew I was overweight, but I was too tired and lazy to change anything. Since I´ve found your program, everything changed for the better. I now know how to beat cravings and how to eat healthy. I learned so much about the real reason why I kept on getting weight. It is so easy once you understand the underlying causes and know how to detox. I am so happy with my results and since I know how to maintain them I am calm inside for the first time of my life! Zara, 29
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